Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Beginnings and Endings.....

This is the cow that Ashley showed as a heifer her first year.  This year, her last year, she showed her as a cow/calf pair with her brother.  Yes, She looks a little rough, but she is Fourteen and had only been out of the pasture for one week.  Ashley's children started showing this year so while this was her last county fair to exhibit in, it was their first.  They all did an excellent job and won the Beef Herdsmanship Award, along with Alan.

The Beef Herdsmanship Award is given to the exhibitor or family of exhibitors that keep their stall area the neatest throughout the entire day.  We were so proud of them because they did all on their own.  As livestock committee chair, I was busy running the show and was unable to help them.  Mike is still recovering from shoulder surgery and was unable to help them.

Their ability to do this on their own without constant supervision is only a small example of how blue ribbon children are the best their are!  These five young people managed a show string of 11 from loading at home to unloading back at home by themselves.  This included set-up, showing, and take-down along with all of the other tasks that one must do in one day.  Days like this day make me very proud to be a mother and grandmother!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blue Ribbon Animals or Blue Ribbon Children?????

It's county fair time!  Our children and grandchildren will participate by exhibiting a total of 11 head of Polled Hereford cattle.  We have all spent lots of time and effort getting these animals ready for show day.  Would we LOVE to see them win? ABSOLUTELY!  We have always told them that the placings of the show are that judge's opinion on that day.  Same calves different day could very well yield different results.  We have tried our hardest to teach them to be gracious to the other exhibitors, parents and the judge whether they win or lose.  We feel that it is more important that they learn the responsibility and dependability it takes to prepare these animals for show than to win.  Most of the animals we are showing this year were born and raised on our farm.  This means they are also exhibiting all of the hard work that it takes to get the calves on the ground and raise them.

We believe that the hard word and dedication they learn is much more important than winning with any animal..  Work ethic is also something they learn because the animals need cared for twice a day  no matter the weather or how you feel.  Don't get me wrong, we like to win, but will not do unethical things to our animals to accomplish this goal.. If the animal is to win, they will do it on what they naturally have in them.

When your child does not win a class, ask yourself, "Would I rather than win in class or in life because they can handle tough, uncomfortable situations?"

Until next time,  remember.......Beef, It's What's for Dinner!