Sunday, December 28, 2014

Have Plans???? We Think Not!

On Friday, December 26, 2014, we had plans to do several things on the farm and have friends over to see the baby calves that night.  Well.......the cows had other ideas.  Alan was driving by the other farm and saw a calf in the middle of the field.  There are not suppose to be any calves over there.  We try to bring them home to calve so they are closer in case they need assistance and so we can care for the calf.  We all got in vehicles and the four wheeler to go retrieve the pair.  Mom was a show heifer so she got haltered.  The calf had to be tied and put in the back of the truck because it kept running off.  It took two of us to hold him in the truck on the way home.  Ok, one probably could have done it but two was a better option to keep him from getting hurt.  I was following the truck with momma.  She was following it so well, I thought I could let go of halter and she would stay there.  BIG MISTAKE!!  She took off back through the field to where she last saw the baby.  Alan and I caught her again and this time tied her to the back of the four wheeler and took her home.  We were going at her walking space so that she was not uncomfortable.  We got her home and put in stall with the calf then went back to field where everyone else was to check the other cows and feed hay.

While Mike, Jeff, and Dad were waiting on us, they found another cow that they were sure had calved.  When Alan and I got there, him and dad fed hay and I joined the search for a newborn.  If you have been around cattle much at all, you know this is like finding a needle in a hay stack.  After feeding hay, Alan and Dad joined back in the search.  We looked until dark (about four hours) and then the neighbor was flashing a light at us.  I had told him earlier that we were looking for a newborn.  He was walking along the fence and spooked it up and it took off.  There was some level of relief because we knew that there was a calf and that it was up and about,  Our concern was leaving it over there for the night.  Since we could not find the
'phantom calf'' even after she had been spotted we were left with no choice but to resume in the morning.  I was done when I crossed paths with a skunk.  Fortunately even though it was dark and all I saw at first was movement, I was able to back away and let him pass without incident.

We went back early on Saturday morning and the Phantom was standing with mom!  We then got them to the house without much difficulty.  Now, to do all of the things that didn't get done Friday and Saturday with a major cold front bearing down on us.  Oh the joys of farming.  Though there are times that are frustrating and sometimes infuriating, I would not change it for the world.

Until next time, remember.......Beef, It's What's for Dinner!

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