Saturday, April 18, 2015

Passing on the Love of Cattle and Farming

This little one and her family came into our lives just a short time ago, but we love them just the same.  This one loves to come out and see the cows.  She has no fear of them and loves them.  As soon as she walks in the door, she wants to go see the cows.  It warms my heart to have their family coming out and joining us on the farm.

Starting the next generation out young and getting them on the farm is the only way this awesome way of life is going to continue.  Getting them to understand what needs to happen, doing it and loving it will create the next generation of farmers so that family farms do not become extinct.  While they are not biologically family, they are still part of us. With the skills the learn they may be able to start their own farm or continue to help others out.  If nothing else, they will be exposed to agriculture and know some of what it takes to get their food to their table.

Until next time, remember.......Beef, It's What's for Dinner!

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